Postal Strike or Lockout in Canada

Don’t mail anything to Canada or within the country. Strike or Lockout looming for this Saturday.

You heard it here first.

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I swear it’s becoming a Race to the Bottom!..

Instead of bringing the Private sector UP to Public Service standards, they’re trying to bring everyone down to the point where a Tim Horton’s job will be all that is left for the middle class.


NAFTA killed the middle class manufacturing sector…

Now you’re a hard worker and want a job?

Walmart Greeter!

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The ■■■■■■■■ are messing with the flow of electronics I’ve ordered. This upsets me.

…and the people working at Tim Horton’s say, “You’re lucky to have a Postal job.”

But what they don’t realize, is that they themselves will have nothing, no good middle class job to aspire to in the future…they’ll be stuck at Timmy’s forever.

One of my co-workers does have a postal job. She hasn’t gotten a shift in two years. She’s a very spare worker and waaaaay down the seniority totem pole. She’s waiting for two people working there to die before she starts getting shifts. I hear the pay is quite good – prolly why they don’t let new folks in there.

We just had a new Timmies open in town. Service is horrible. All of the people who everyone else in town knows not to employ are working there now, tho I heard the first batch got fired last week. Screechzilla – my lovely neighbour – is an evening shift supervisor there. My daughter was going to apply for a job there until she walked in and saw Screech. That was the end of that.

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The new hires make $17.00 per hour…the regulars make $26.50 per hour.

But wages aren’t the issue. The Corporation is trying to take away holidays, overtime, lunch breaks, and getting into the employee’s pensions.

Holidays? Whuzzat? Lunch break? Whuzzat? Pension? Whuzzat? Overtime? Mine starts after 10 hours.

Sympathy? Dick all.

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