Postal officer

I’ll have the interview for this job this month. I’m a bit stressed. I have read many ads and i think this job is very special in that it matches my ability. It involves counter service, keeping cash and mail sorting. I think i have a better chance in success. Actually, I have limited work potential but this job is easier than a lot of others. The job is simple and repetitive. I like the stability. I want to make better use of this chance and try my very best. I have a day off tmr. I want to read about the postal service and prepare for the test. I want to try hard.

Actually i have applied for a few more posts but i think they are too stressful and demanding. I like the postal officer’s job the most.

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So i have a short tetm goal and a mid term goal. My short term goal is managing a simple full time job. My mid term goal is to find a simple civil servant job.

If i fail to manage a full time job, I’ll change my goals and work part time job only. I will leave it for later.