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Whatchoo kiddin?

People watch, it’s the internets man, and we’re schizos according to them so yeah they are making fun of us.

It’s like everyone is just sittin around stinging eachother actually, crazy.

I’m just sitting here talking about jello dogs when I should be working. No stinger.

New SonggG Thread Lovers (!!!) ,

e(Y)e Have One more but It STILL Needs More Work … ,

e(Y)e Always Look Stupid so Don’t Judge (!!!) ,

and , @rhubot , Gimme Some JELLO , Rite Now (!!!)

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and of Course Another One … ,

So Please Enjoi … ,

Yep Yep Another One … ,

e(Y)e’m naught THAT Bad , OR Am e(Y)e (???) …

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Someone tell me how. I don’t know how to post em.

If You Are Posting From Youtube Jus Copy Tha URL …

Thanks for that.

My recents


One jello dog for @ATARI

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e(Y)e Actually Came Up With Thee Idea to Sing Some Hip-Hop SonggG’s … ,

Imma Start With TUPAC and Go From There … ,

e(Y)e Nvr Heard Anyone Else Talk About N Idea Such as That So e(Y)e Lyke to Think of That as an Original Idea … ,

Thanks Fo Sharing in Thus Thread Home-Skrizzle … ,

Thank You @rhubot It Goes Well With Meds e(Y)e Wish e(Y)e Didn’t Have to Take … ,

Yum Yum Dem Sum …


() ))) Talking To Self / Lurker Ghosts Perhaps ((( ()

and ALSO ,

If N E One is Interested Imma Trie n Write Another SonggG in Tha Near(by) Future … ,

e(Y)e Have Yet Done My Screamo band Thing but e(Y)e’ll Wait Til Tomorrow to Trie That Out For Tha First
T(Y)me … ,

e(Y)e Have Little Inspiration but e(Y)e Lyke to Believe That We , That We As Simplstic Individuals Always Have a Way to Fynde Inspiration , Evn if It Comes From a Spider That Lykes to Creep Out of His/Her Corner to Say Hello … ,

Thank You For You For Your Patience …

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Hello There ,

Bored and Wishing e(Y)e had My Own Place , e(Y)e Actually Am Reddie to make Some Noise … ,

N E Hoo , Enjoi Me Being Oddly Awesomely Amazing (!!!) … ,

Lemme Know If You Lyke Tha SonggG ,

YAY (!!!)


and Another One … ,

e(Y)e Seriously Can’t Stop Sometimes … ,

Here Ya Go (!!!) ,

Probs Gonna Trie and Record Perhaps One More , Unsure … ,

but Thanks For Tha Lykes Guys n Gals (!!!) ,

Muchos Del Grande Happiness …


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Does N E One Lyke Thus One (!?!)

))) - http://vocaroo.com/i/s0xvSZzbbvBE - (((

Youtube Won’t let Me Record and Save ,

(by) (tha) (way) ,

Thanks @sarad

and Another One ,

Thus Is So Much Fun … ,

Check It Out Yo Yo (!!!) ,

))) - http://vocaroo.com/i/s0GgcBm9R7Kr - (((

Ok , Last One Til You Guys n Gals Worship Me … ,

Rite Here ))) >------- http://vocaroo.com/i/s0VvvEwykgnv -------< ((( RIte Here