Post your birthday

happy birthday to you :wink:

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On Jan. 1st I will be 57 years old. I was born in 1959.


On April 8th I’ll be 23 I was born in 1993.

i was reborn 5 years ago===== the birth of a new begining :fax:

i was born in 1986 june 21…(29)
@anon19234026 what iz ur d.o.b… ???

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october 1st 1988! :innocent:

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On December 16th I will be 38. I was born in 1977.

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October 24, 1941. I am 74 years old.


@far_cry0 mine is 22 December

January 18th for me

how old r u…??? :1234:

January 9, 1967. I was born emergency c-section, two months premature, but look at me now! :wink:


January 12. I’m almost 34.

June 5 1990. 15 characters

March 30, I’m 28

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April 21st 1984

January 29th 1987, I’ll be 29 in around six weeks :slight_smile:

Aquarius huhhhhhh

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If you believe in that kinda thaaaang

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@martinhersey1 Hi how are you? How did you cop up your negative symptoms throughout your life,? What kept you pushing to fight Schizophrenia?