Post your art thread

really nice people. the joy of creating, the strength to create, the blessing to others, and the exhilaration of seeing these what you have done.

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looks very natural as well as eye balls

Third painting. Don’t judge me too harshly pl0x. (Not an original. Copied off google)

Fourth painting:

Painting is very humbling. But its a ton of fun. Very ‘zen’.






Nice! I love original art like this. Reminds me of Bevis and Butthead!

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Been there done that! Stay creative bud!

Thanks @simpjeff1! :slightly_smiling_face:

You guys are posting amazing stuff! Seriously amazing.
Do any of you painters on here have any advise for learning how to intelligently add more detail to paintings? I can do a basic picture, like the one of the cat and purple sky i posted, which i really like and all, but im unsure of how to progress beyond this very novice/beginner stage?

Is it just a matter of continuously painting/does it come naturally with practice?

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I like the eyes in the one with the eyes open

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I don’t paint so I don’t know how to answer your questions but I really like that “cat with the purple sky” one. :slight_smile:

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Thanks alot:))))))

I love this art! I’m not sure what it it but maybe that’s the point! I’m curious what you were trying to say if anything.

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I catch the autumn air in this one.

Oh! Thank you! Honestly I don’t really know, but I think there’s a “secret garden” type theme to it. I also just like merging the grotesque with the beautiful, if that’s not too creepy to say…

I really like yours. I think it is just practice, patience and focus. Keep at it and you’ll see improvement if its something you want to do. You could try drawing the things around you and add as much detail as you can, thats how i started out


As far as combining the creepy with the beautiful. Love it! Kind of like a vampire movie!

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I feel disconnect from other people
don’t mind me just vent doodle


Dude you have some talent

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