Post the cutest photo you have

He looks like a cute mop :joy: :star2: I meant that as a compliment.

Is he still with you?

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Aw yes you look cute :star2:

Nice picture :))

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That’s too cute. Thanks for sharing.

That’s super adorable @SkinnyMe

I’m very confused by that horizontal cat lol

I lived there from 1988 to 1997. So 9 years. I like Germany. It was very different to England where I live in England. Like sooooo much less busy.

I came to England because my dad felt that their church community is much more busy where we live now.

I was just a kid so I followed.

I do sort of miss Germany but I enjoy where I live now :slight_smile:

Have you ever been to England

He’s a Great Pyrenees, so he’ll live to be around 10 years old. He’s about 4.5 years old, right now. :relaxed:

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Whose the woman on the right is she a tennis player?

They were arguing over space. She literally is pushing herself that far out with her paws, and yet remaining on the fort without falling off. I thought it was quite skillful. She’s quite angry though. Lol

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lol, thanks! :dog:

Yeah, we still have him. I posted a current picture of him here, it is a picture of him after I cut his hair during the Covid lock down, the dog groomers were shut down and he was getting hot.

He is a “Havashu”. His mother was Havanese and his father was a Shih Tzu.

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