Post hospital stay

I am a long-term patient with schizophrenia and in August 2017 I had another break–I thought I had broad powers and that I was leading the United States. I had a 5 week stay on a mental ward. Now I have about 7 additional weeks of Short Term Disability from work. I am on 22.5 mg of Zyprexa, 1600 mg of Neurontin (Gabapentin), and 10 mg of Loxapine. My delusions have all gone away. However, I feel very sedated the first several hours of each day. I am hoping for a reduction of my meds. And as I am not working I feel lots of boredom the rest of the day.
To cope, I schedule activities with friends. I shop for books and try to read them. I enjoy sports on TV. I am thinking of signing up for movies in Netflix. I go to church.
My reading is: poetry, and some religion.


Loxapine made ■■■■ worse glad it works for you.

Lots of boredom? You should visit us more often! :slight_smile: