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Post a Selfie Numba 4



Looking good dr zen!!! :heart:


Ali moohat dare mirize?
aks khoobie


Na, khily vaghteh haminjoore,


is my unibrow visible?



You finally reveal yourself. You’re good looking @Flag


very nice picture


Yes, somewhat, let’s leave it behind,


@nova come give me a monster hug, sister!!! Bring monkey!!


Was up turtle… u are looking nice…!!! Haha!!


Big hug for you @turtle, and anyone else who wants one! :smile: Monkey is in my bed, I was too lazy to go get him, haha.
This is the first of many days I’m able to somewhat recognise my own face. Progress!


That’s great news! Day by day, don’t force it. :heart:


my weight is down a little. I’m now fluctuating between 150-155 lbs. at 165 I had a double chin and more face fat so i’m happy the winter’s over. I just shaved my head, my dad says I look better with hair. I told him ill let my hair and beard grow when its winter.



what color is my face?


looks like a solid bronze. I’ve gotten some sun but I still got some pink showing


for comparison sake this was just a couple months ago. the winter really did a number on me…probably my least flattering pictures. I’m a summer child.






Looking good @turtle @Nova and @melissa7!