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Post a Selfie Numba 4


hospitalized, have been very tired for a while now :slightly_smiling_face:


Hope you are feeling better :sun_with_face:


Oh, frecles! :relaxed:


I look better in real life. But too shy to post a picture.


I’m a man of many hats:


I like your hats. When Monty Python says people aren’t wearing enough I’ll think of you. Oh and matter is energy. :innocent:



Last year I went on a hat spree…kept buying hats off the internet. Funny thing is that I don’t like to wear hats.


Oh The hat spree. Everyone goes through it. Please go to your nearest hats anonymous group for support. :innocent:



LOL That’s funny !!


:joy: Lol @HelenBack you are funny!



Sometimes the topics are very serious, so I try (often fail) to lighten the mood.


well your eyes are gorgeous! :eyes:



Thank you.

I really like your makeup tutorials.


You have the perfect facial structure. Wish I had your lips. Lipstick would work great! They are flat and full. You have a small perfect size nose which will look great when contoured.

Your eyes are hooded so not every makeup will work but you have really nice eyebrows. Natural and full.

When can I do your makeup?


At beach over the weekend


not sure if i follow but youre message showed up as a reply to me ? :slight_smile:️ but yeah, i dont care, have fun and do youre best work :smile:


im back and i took another pretentious photo with flowers


U look like a jesus…



selene is just always occupied…that’s her look. but trying to remind us that she is beautiful in a way ;o