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Post a Selfie Numba 4


I met another guy at the day treatment and he has the same problem, he would like to grow his beard but his parents don’t let him, I’m more lucky because at least I can make it 5-6cm.


If we ever meet, I will pass on a welcome kiss :stuck_out_tongue:


You’re aging well.


You’re always beautiful, Sarad. I love animals too.


dude I thought you were a girl. :neutral_face: sorry


@zeno is a good girl…!!! Haha…!!!


if I convert myself to a cat, would u do the same? <3…I always did love in general



My beard is awesome!! This is a while ago. I’m letting it get a bit wilder…I do trim it but my shrink always tells me I’m looking more wild everytime I see him. Job well done!



I might grow my beard out.

You have inspired me @rogueone! :slight_smile:


Is that an Old Navy jacket. it looks like mine!


hah! how cool is that??


i dont ever take selfies but i shaved my hair today !


I’m still in the process to grow my beard, at least 2 more months to go. It’s fashion these days to grow a big ass beard. :sunglasses: :wink: :grinning:


I adore your fashion sense lol I want those rainbow shorts!!


Not allowed to show my entire face because aliens but here’s one of me and my two mannequin roommates


hahah! how funny is that??


great job on sobriety! keep it up!


Here is me and Mojo. She is not feeling well today.


Yo you look like Carrie Fisher in this pic I swear to God lol u know who am talking about ? Princess Leia from the old star wars