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Post a Selfie Numba 4


I love animals.


i love taking pretentious photos with plants


@korieve I approve!



very nice Om


Thx moshtaba. 15151616161


You look really cool @Om_Sadasiva :slight_smile: . I like the short hair and big beard. :+1:


Thx monte. 1515161y1y


I’ve been alone since 2011. It sucks, but at least this way I can focus on what I need to focus on instead of worrying about not providing for the woman I’m with.

It sucks, but you’re not alone in being alone, if that makes sense. I was always told to date a nurse or someone in the medical field, never tried it though.



Damn u looking sexy


I wish I was allowed to keep that beard. :slight_smile:


Why can’t u keep a beard like that zeno.

Btw how old are u again


I’m 23, my father gets upset.


Why he gets upset?


He thinks it is very ugly.


So what? Grow a beard


Beard are cool.

Mine grows like ass fluff I can’t get a good looking beard


So he repeats it all the time and threaten to cut it himself.


Lol 15151515 161616