Post a Selfie Numba 4


Hmmm, that’s strange, I always pictured you with blue eyes. (Joke. I’ve only seen you post about 3 times)


What do they say? Stay away from people, places and things? Right? If you’re an alcoholic don’t go into a bar.


Thank you! lol that’s a theory i could get behind.


Hah thanks :heart::blush: I can clean up well when I want, but I prefer the grunge grrrl aesthetic lol

I actually really like the taste and smell and feel of :smoking: probably cause I’m an enormous weirdo lol


He let me go to a bar for a Grateful Dead band on Saturday night. It’s usually bad advice but my house manager trusts me to not use. Some ppl wouldn’t be allowed to do it but this guy really thinks I’m good with not using if I set up the right support.


my hair is black now though


You’re gorgeous! … 15


Very cool
nice selfie :hibiscus::hibiscus:


U look cool buddy…!!!


You look really cool @insidemind!

It’s really neat to see what you look like :slight_smile: :v:.


It’s a good pic of you


@Loke why dont u post ur selfie.!!!


Every time I try to upload a pic to this site it doesn’t work. Also I gained a lot of weight on my meds and am embarrassed :weary:


Its okay loke… i think u look beautiful…!!


Aw. Thank you 1515-515


Wow you all look great !!

I will upload a photo next week


@anon1152203 upload recent pic… not old one… hahaha…!!!


Did you get your ATM card yet?


Yes man i got it 2 weeks ago… i only can afford white mice…!! Guinea pig eats a lot cant take care of it… i will buy memory stick soon…!!!

Thanks for asking…!!!


Have you had your dinner yet @far_cry0?