Post a Selfie Numba 4


17 days sober. This pic was yesterday. Don’t I look much better?!?!


You look like somebody stole your bike and you found him, so now you’re gonna have a talk with him


They’re up against Mexico on Wednesday! Sweden has to win that match to qualify further.




I’m glad you did post. You’re very attractive. If I was thirty-seven years younger I would go for you in a heartbeat.


Right choice… :slight_smile:


You are stunning


Took the words right out my mouth!


Lol yea I just realised. :smile:


oh thank you! very very much!


Some great looking feet there :wink:


Hi Kitty Kat! :cat:


You look WAYYYY much better sober!


You look very cute and natural.

Ditch the :smoking: I quit smoking and now sometimes I vape.



Proves my point of SCHZ being way hotter than normies!


You don’t look old. Does it matter?


yeah, just wondering why no-one wants to know on these dating sites :confused:


Post a better picture.

Take a selfie standing up without clutter in the background. It looks like you are half-sleep.

Take a picture outside in natural light.

Not sure what your profile looks like but make it honest, personal, funny, straightforward.


Wait till I get in real good shape. The other men’s house has a gym and I did some reps last night