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Post a Selfie Numba 4


You are gorgeous !!


You don’t look lumpy to me. You have pleasant features.


do i look old?


Fine figure of a man dude. You don’t look old. Whats in the tank?


I got 6 phantom tetras and 2 nice looking yellow fish (cant remember their names :slight_smile: i’ll try and take a pic lol


I like the yellow one. At first I thought you meant you had given them individual names.


haha, no i meant i forgot the type of fish the yellow ones are,

I want to get more but i haven’t been able to get around much after losing my car lol.

i just changed the water and cleaned the filters couple of days ago lol


You don’t look fat to me. Do you live in the US? I can’t remember. There are many overweight ppl here.


You are all beautifull


Probably the first and last time I do this. Weirdly uncomfortable about this.


You are a real catch :smile:


thanks a lot xx not the way i feel though. i’ll feel sorry for the poor fool who ends up with me.


Don’t be so hard on yourself, you deserve a nice partner


You have more luck in picking up a guy because you look good, probably from all the quantity you’ll find quality and a person who enjoys just being with you for who you are.
Don’t be so hard on yourself


we all deserve nice things.i’m sure you do too. it’s not that easy though is it really. don’t worry not down just resigned myself to being alone forever a long while ago.


yours are much prettier than mine, if i’m honest
think you have nicer eyelashes too lol


yes but i have poor judgement. especially in guys.
i’m good at being alone anyways


Thank you
Funny stories: when I was 7 I heard about trymming eyebrows and I thought that means eyelashes, so I cut them short, and since them they grown weird, before there were uniform


Nice selfie @Catch22 :slight_smile: . It’s really cool to see what ya look like. :v:


haha. musta looked pretty weird for a bit .
hey maybe trimming them works the same as hair, grows back longer.
probably wont try it though lol