Post a Selfie Numba 4


Always glad to have another gorgeous girl on this site.


Can I get a gold star for showering?


Y’all get several stars from unshowered me :star: :star: :star: :star:


Good going @Hanna_Foxx!
I took a shower this morning!


Fifteen days sober! That was ten days ago!


Oh, I’m sorry, @Gratitude, congratulations on your fifteenth day sober!!!


Yeah, fifteen days is great!


That’s awesome @Gratitude!


Nice beard. :slight_smile:


My family keeps calling me faaaaat :broken_heart:
I guess I am a bit lumpy.
Looks like I’ll be going on a diet again.


You look great @schizomaticly!


You are gorgeous !!


You don’t look lumpy to me. You have pleasant features.


do i look old?


Fine figure of a man dude. You don’t look old. Whats in the tank?


I got 6 phantom tetras and 2 nice looking yellow fish (cant remember their names :slight_smile: i’ll try and take a pic lol


I like the yellow one. At first I thought you meant you had given them individual names.


haha, no i meant i forgot the type of fish the yellow ones are,

I want to get more but i haven’t been able to get around much after losing my car lol.

i just changed the water and cleaned the filters couple of days ago lol


You don’t look fat to me. Do you live in the US? I can’t remember. There are many overweight ppl here.


You are all beautifull