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Post a Selfie Numba 4


Yes i asked the mods. I was @formalname previous. This is my 5th name here lol. And i know you


i thought it was you :slight_smile: its good to know you are still here :slight_smile: my old name was getting me down and i also had a bit of a freak out lol, its good that i we can change names and keep our posting history :slight_smile:


Oh Smokes Iove,love you much! Thank you!


@Hanna_Foxx that’s coo. Ive learned a bit about it, I don’t fully follow it. Its only cause I don’t fully understand it either. Somebody recommended it to me though, and ive heard some things about it. I actually agree to a lot of it to some extent…maymbe I should look into it a bit more. A friend gave me a book of it awhile ago, but I never read into depth of it…i think I still have it somewhere.


Can’t beat this slav ■■■■ going on. Hah!


Welcome, there were other witches and warlocks in the forum in the past, maybe some are still around…


Hey, you look very pretty. To me you’re very resemble with Irina Shayk, you’re this forum Irina Shayk, at least to me… Sorry if you don’t like her :sweat_smile:


Whats up sarad…!!! U look like a super model…!!! Haha


Girl you look dangerous! :money_mouth_face:


I second the notion!


d8 me plz… :slight_smile:


No I don’t really like Irina Shayk…skinny Hollywood fake feminist…although she is imbodied American dream.
But hey thanks guys.
@Azley :heart:


sorry sarad but I cant trust a chick with sunglasses :wink:

just playing…

lookin fly!! Like youre in the Matrix or something


Meh im not to be trusted at all.
I’m an eastern kgb :raising_hand_woman:


Nice to see you, Hanna. You’re gorgeous.


You’re stunning! You look like a dangerous and beautiful spy.


My eyebrows have gone bushy again, lol.
Good thing I’ll be seeing my sister soon, so she can pluck them :joy:


Hey smiling fairy…!!!


You’re cute with your bushy eyebrows. I wouldn’t worry about them.


Nice pic Kitty! Might you be into Industrial or Goth music? Or perhaps Darkwave?