Post a Selfie Numba 4


Hey, thanks. Put a smile on my face. I do like to chill :smiley:


I’m glad it got deleted. It was so gross


It was gross @frings.
Its not your first time posting it.
The last one got deleted too.
Why don’t you cut it out.
You aren’t funny, its disgusting.


No, it’s funny wave.

And if that’s why it was deleted, for being gross, I’ve seen much grosser stuff posted by members. Including mods making ■■■■■ jokes.

Most people found it funny, ok you didn’t, or you just like attacking me, fine. But it’s funny.


Leave the mods alone and please stop posting disgusting photos.


Anyway I still don’t know the reason why it was deleted, I’ve heard your opinion, I’d like to know the reason from the mod who deleted it, if that’s not asking too much.


It wasn’t a disgusting photo.

Stop attacking me, or don’t, attack me if you wish. I pay no attention to you.


You opinion means nothing to me wave, because you’re wrong, you just dislike me. That’s fine, but I don’t care what you say.


Because I flagged it and its not an appropriate photo to post.


I don’t care what you think dude, you’re not a mod, and you didn’t delete my post.


Looking great. I quit smoking a year ago but I vape sometimes.

Looks like you are in or around Quebec?

Welcome to the forum.


The little monkey is so cute.


Nice picture. A smile suits you :slight_smile:


What are you having @mjseu ? Is that tea?

Looking better by the day!


Looking great. You look like you’re in a good shape! way to go!


Dry shampoo seems to work wonders.


I had coffee 15151515


Well that’s funny. :joy:
You are beautiful. Welcome to the forum.


Thank you :slight_smile:️ 1515


You too!! :hugs: :heart: :heart: