Post a Selfie Numba 4



Sup @rahul202 what country are you from??


Hey @Gratitude … I doing fine thanks for asking. I am from India. What about you?


I live in the United States. Near New York City ! It’s nice to talk to you. :sunglasses:


It’s nice to talk to you too. How old are you?


I’m twenty eight as of last week.


Belated happy birthday then.

I am 27 years old. Are you working?


Thank you :pray: rahul. Cool we are almost the same age. I’m not working right now but I expect to get a job in the next month or two. Do you work? What do you do if so?


You are welcome mate. Even I don’t work. I sometimes participate in this business that I have setup otherwise I just while away my time. My parents are very nice though. They don’t force me in anyway. They support me very nicely. But in this modern age you gotta work at least for your self respect. That’s what my parents say and I feel bad about it. :disappointed_relieved:


Me and my monkey


looking ripped! haha


Thank you cris :blush:


3 am and high on caffeine… trying to get a selfie with the sunrise in the background, well… plan failed 8)


Looking good frings!


i’m not very photogenic i look a lot better in reality


it’s the lighting that makes me look worse than i am. damn lights and cameras but i should have brushed my hair too my bad


ewwwww those teeth?


Looking great @Caffeine you look very chill.


yeh i forgot to brush them before the photo doh

apart from that i’m very handsome


oh the photo is deleted, when it was obviously just a bit of fun

i wonder which rule have i broken?

man… someone is overmoderating and has no sense of

Edit: i suppose this will be deleted too

Edit2: just so i know not to repeat my mistake, please let me know which rule i broke, thanks.