Post a Selfie Numba 4


Well thank you, but no more likes for you until pictures… :slight_smile:


No way. I’m on youtube and blogs and stuff. Can no longer post any pics.


Oh that’s right… I remember the first one you posted. Hope that is all going well for you…


It’s okay I guess. Take a very long time to grow an audience with a lot of work. Throw in some luck too.
My acting is getting better but apparently I have an accent (I had no clue I had) so I don’t see someone wanting to hire me to advertise a product, especially Canadian or USA. I did get a lot of free products though, which was not the goal.


i wanted to ask for your yt channel, but you probably dont want to be associated with sz.
So i will ask, what are your topics?


She could just pm you a link without breaching the cover.

@mermaid1… accents can be appealing. You could consider take lessons to curb your accent just like the big wig Aussie actors… They pull it off.


Looking like a G-homie-Vado …@azley!!!


Yeah I did not know I could take lessons.

If needed one day, sure I guess. For now, I don’t see myself making a living from blogging and vlogging yet.

I cannot tell the letter R like Americans. I cannot pronounce it. Whateveeeeee!


Beauty, makeup, subscription boxes, lifestyle etc. I have only 3 videos by far.


And I can’t roll my rs like the mexicans… my tongue is too fat… true story it’s hopeless.


keep up the good work.


This was my high school graduation. I had been 18 years sober in this pic.

4th grade or so

And last but definitely least, today!!


Hah, cool man… the whole life story… the evolution of Jon


From the beginning i know the pics weren’t in chronological order. But the young pics were happy :smiley:!! The graduation was a happy day but there was madness in my eyes :eyes:. And then today, the recovery. Everyone’s seen all my psychotic pictures already!!


You do got the good look of centered confidence.


very cute!!!



Here I am in a more pensive mood.


Very pensive!! Do you have diff color eyes :eyes:?


Why so serious!!!

We need a smile today @ginalovea2


No, my eyes are both very dark brown.