Post a Selfie Numba 4


@JusticeJ u look preety in that pic…
!!! Do u have a job…!! Can u work…!!!


The native at my job told me how to spell “vato” yesterday…

I have a lot of natives in my town. One was a good buddy of mine for a while there. We have a small university that they get to attend for free… makes me very jealous.


… I’m currently living in YYC what a coincidence eh!


Really? Yeah it’s a struggle to find fellow native friends in the city. But up North in Canada and in New Mexico i found is more populated by Natives. I’ll definitely give that a read, I love finding bits of information like this hiyhiy!


I don’t have a job yet the past two years have been really hard on me so it hadn’t been easy to get a job but since I’m doing a lot better i am getting into this program that help people with sz get prepared for jobs and by the end of it i will have a job thankfully


Yeah I live in Connecticut, USA. We have tons of places named after native Americans, but barely any Native American people!! I also read a book called A Yaqui way of knowledge by Carlos castenada and named my cat after the character Don Juan. :upside_down_face:


Vato? Never heard if that word do you know what tribe they belong to? Yeah I’m not sure if I get the same benefits as them. I mean my kokum (grandmother) is chief so maybe it might be easier for me to get these resources? But i imagine only when i am in treaty 6 territory. Right now I am in treaty 7 territory


Vado is a Spanish term I thought!


I’m in the Kansas down south here. He’s half mexican descent or something. “Vato” or vado just means dude en espanol.

As in “Yeah he’s real bad vato.” I forget what commedian has a schpeal about it.

That said Canada seems like a nice place. I think things make a little more sense up there. Muricans really do prove themselves pretty stupid. People practically run away from good culture and or other things they don’t understand.



Vato is maxican right @Gratitude… they use cholo too…!!


A month ago just just about hey I’m new here


In the airplane :airplane:️ flying home, I saw a documentary called Naya. It was about remnants of 16 year old girl who had drowned in a cave in New Mexico. They found her remnants in a very secluded place in the cave. It was tragic but so touching. The bones were 13 thousand years old and they traced her DNA to current native americans!


Baby update !


Your baby makes having babies a good thing!
He is just so wonderful and cuddly! :heart_eyes:

You are very cute and pretty yourself! No wonder!


You and your baby don’t attract enough likes :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Thanks @mermaid1! How are you?! Feels like it’s been ages since we talked :frowning:

@gratitude I don’t care for likes to be honest, I just like showing my olibobs off. :joy: he’s learnt how to crawl and his first word has been… Mumma :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I’m fine. The forum feels dead since the last time I was online!


I know lovely! Life has been so hectic for me recently that I’ve barely been on as well, but I miss all you guys!


Me too! Def missed my friends!