Post a Selfie Numba 4


Today’s day 1… sober. I’m actually smiling in one of the pics!


U look grown up man…!!! Ha ur smile is precious.!!


Thanks Selene! :grinning: Hopefully in the next 3-5 I can reach what’s considered a normal healthy waist measurement, and maybe 7-14 weeks after that to reach 25% bodyfat.


Nice hair, bro. Those castles look beautiful.


Way to go! You are a rockstar!


Nice photos @Gratitude!
I like your smile!


Aww thanks! You’re so nice!


Going to a rememberence of my childhood friend. He passed of cancer.


You seem like a real friendly guy! Love the suit


Hopefully this works haha


Hi @eighteyedspy23 … u are hansome bro…!!!


U from usa…!!!


Nice to see you @eighteyedspy23 . Love your posts. We grew up on different continents but listened to the same music mostly. That is so cool! I’ll have to update my pic here. I need to trim my beard. Hasn’t happened in over a month and I look like a mad bushranger!


@rogueone u look like guru and baba…!!!
Highly respected figure…!!! Dont shave ur bread bro…!!! U look nice in it…


@far_cry0 thanks matey! You are the man from the subcontinent and love your work! Thanks for the kudos! Not going to shave the beard…I love the beard…it just needs a trim. It’s so feral at the moment! I don’t mind that look though! :slight_smile:


Haha very pretty! Are you Native American by any chance??


I’m from Northern Alberta in Canada, a place called Kehiwin, that translates to “Land of Eagles”


Hiyhiy! (Thank you!) Much appreciated! I am Native American, I’m Cree :blush:


From Calgary here, I googled Kehiwin looks nice


Awesome :sunglasses: I only have met a few Native American people in my life . You had that very natural look that native people have and I thought you might be! I love native literature. I read this among others!