Post a Selfie Numba 4


Cooler thandi deta hai kya aku…!!!


Not very much. 15 15 15


Tapman kitna hai aku…!!! Yaha to 19° c hai .
Mai abhi kirtipur mai hun…!!!


Its 40 c, I think. Yesterday was little raining.


Double tempurature hai aku…!!! Mai to marjauga 40 mai too… its very hot there…!!


Hell no…!!! Sup @frings …!!! What are u upto…!!


hey Farcry i’ts morning here and i’ve had another sleepless night, i’m just off to bed…


Take care man…!!! Its hot outside the house… i cant tolerate hotness… have a wonderful day man…!!!


I’m pretty sure that inability to deal with the heat is common to schizophrenics.


Yeah, it may be the medications that make dealing with the heat so difficult.



where is the image from @Lenny…it looks beautiful, is it Fatima


Hey @ All :wink: Did you know that you can create “Audio Note” on your Android? Like taking a selfie after that you have 10 seconds to record an audio note. Like saying your name and something added. I’ve tried but my voice sounds heavy, full of tobacco lol :blush: . I said because i’ve not seen this so far on selfie thread. What do you think ?


I love a filter :joy: ft new lippie


Haha! Those are quite the glasses :wink:

It’s good to have fun. Take care @Spiderpig.


Hey, it is very pretty indeed. It isn’t Fatima, it’s in Sintra and it is the Pena Palace. Inside and outside it seems like a Disney castle, it’s super pretty and Sintra is a beautiful town too, very romantic :heart:


I love you @Montezuma !!!
You are a dear, dear friend of mine!


wow you really lost a lot of weight! looking great!


Thank you @Chess24 :slight_smile:

I love you right back! :heart: I deeply admire your courage and perseverance.

Take care my friend. :v:

  • Monte


You look like Sarad from that angle. You’re gorgeous.


Now that is a compliment! she’s just beautiful!! :slight_smile: thank you