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I am hiding my double chin in this pic


I don’t see any wrinkles! You look so young!



What do you put in your hair to spike it that way @pedro27? Pomade, gel, mousse? You look Brazilian to me.


I put a clay in my hair makes it look better IMO


OK cool next time I would let girl talk her heart trouble all out but men get to d point! Is than how we r socialist by doctors this is 2019 men could talk out What’s in there heart all d troubles and don’t interrupt ! Don’t u think its time for d doctors to socialist some men like girls and some girls like dogs ,get to d point!




I don’t know who’s kaskade but u don’t look mentally I’ll or like your on heavy sedative drugs. You like like a normal so keep away from religious hypnosis better known as spiritism that can make you mental because d religious leaders who practise so call spiritism don’t know what they do they learn from us mad people who think we know like our doctors


thank you @gershom_worrell i will stay away from spiritism. no im not on drugs btw


For some reason I thought u were “BigJon”…now I know why u didn’t respond last time.


I believe @Gratitude was bigjon. :sunglasses:


Nope! I’m Lolabean. :smiley:

I curious as to why you thought I was @Gratitude. :thinking:


Well you both have cats in your avatar. @Gratitude’s profile is hidden. Didn’t know you could do that.





Love those gloves! Lol


Thanks honey I got them at hot topic


HOW do you stay in such good shape on these meds


Taken at my moms place in my old room. The only place I feel truly safe. It was a good weekend.


awesome nose ring!