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Then you should focus on the reading you recieved. “Instead he is patient with us” and we know that love is patient. Does love then punish as if he were angry? No because anger is the opposite of patience. Instead what he does is heal us and cleanse us, and we often like children scorn the physician for the remedy he applies.

God grant it that you will be able to say that you no longer fear God but have progressed to love Him


now more awake


I look fat and ugly.



No you don’t. You look friendly :slight_smile:


awe thank you. 151515


No,you are not ugly.Guaranteed!


thank you 151515


I like it when you can put faces to names on the forum. Nice to see you @Jimbob .


The pleasure is mine buddy!



Oh no it seems I’ve started getting wrinkles!


I can’t see any?


I don’t see wrinkles either, but Dairy is me and my moms secret to looking youthful


@Nova you have a nice complexion! No wrinkles. Go, girl! Lol



I was going to say the same thing @sweldon001.


Yep. i friendly looking, but i bit over wieght by 35lbs.


anyone ever tell you you look a bit like kaskade lol