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i dont get why everyone’s avoiding coffee, im slowly getting hooked lol i think its great


You have such beautiful eyes!


Payday lunch down the sporto. Had a good time but meal was very ordinary! Last time I’m eating the cheap fish…bland and tasteless and very disappointing! Oh well, you have to try these things!


Looking good @rogueone! :slight_smile: You look really healthy and happy. :+1:


Thanks mate…mind you this was before I ate the fish!! hahah.


Glad you had a good time! :slight_smile:


That first pic i just took. caught me in tardive dyskinesia on accident.

such a bad day today really was. God was punishing me for skipping church to make money.


This is me on my way back from hiking last week Saturday. I have lost 6 pounds so far! The hike was at the westernmost point on the island. I go hiking almost every week and every week I look a little better in my photos.


This is my favourite long nightshirt the pink butterfly :butterfly:


Your skin is so beautiful,face also!


It’s nice that you gave yourself credit. It’s good for self-esteem.


Blue rose you look like a little kid. Much better than looking old.


@rogueone Your profile pic always makes me think of friendly, cheerful Hagrid, so it is strange to see you without a beard.


God doesnt punish we punish ourselves man


God just eggs us on.


Does Love chide?


Are you serious? I don’t have any beef with you but this cryptic stuff bugs me.


just woke up


Ironically I listened to my church quote of the day for today. The scripture was 2 Peter 3:9. I haven’t made it a habit of reading a chapter a day but today I read down to 2 Peter 3:16 vindicating what you just said a day after.

My little bro is named kevon. Really need to write him back.