Post a selfie new new new


Since I can’t sleep anymore.


I am. Thanks :slight_smile:


Dyed my hair brown again a month ago.

It’s about 15 degrees celcius and the suns in my eyes.

My goatees been growing for 3 months.

I’m really enjoying the weather and the sunshine.:sun_with_face:



The finished product :slight_smile:

I’d post a selfie but I look like a straight up bum these days.

I find the word bum offensive. I have no idea why. Is it offensive? To whom?


Lunchtime payday down the sporto. Had a good roast dinner. A couple of scotchs and a little bit of a punt. Dad and I go down every fortnight on payday!


I think the word was used more in the past; like maybe in the 1940’s or 1950’s. It is used to describe what we now call “homeless”. Not all homeless. But many of the homeless nowadays would be considered bums long ago. It is offensive but not as bad as saying the n-word or using other certain racial slurs.

Basically it has a negative connotation. If you walked up to a homeless man and called him a bum you might be in for an as*whupping. But through the years the term got watered down so now it’s like kids calling each other idiots or jerks; you could substitute “bum” and jokingly call your friend a bum and in that context it’s meant to be humorous.


looking good @rogueone did you lose some weight?


I am in the process @KevonThePoet. I’m almost below 100kgs which is a big deal for me. Thanks for noticing!!! You are on the Xmas card list!


haha does that mean i get christmas money? thanks! :smiley:


Looking good mate! Nice to see you. :slight_smile:


When I hear the word bum I always think of Mick in the Rocky movies.


That makes a lot of sense. I use it in the context - bum = messy/lazy hygiene.

I don’t think I could call a homeless person a bum. I feel too much for how they need to live. Especially in Canada with our cold winters. It keeps me up at night thinking about how I couldn’t make it through this. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. :cry:


I got dressed today and such nice weather here for a change


I like your hair it looks quite volumous


I straightend my hair… Usually just wear beanies…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s you!..……………


It always is! Lol


I may have shaved my head because it’s lower maintenance.