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I would like to think im normal…does that count? I normally don’t post pictures anyway…maymbe I will sometime though. I don’t look that much differ from latest pic post I think though. besides a bit less weight


Me at work. :upside_down_face:


New on here as of the other day. Schizoaffective disorder here. Or what I call the bubbly wubbly 22s. Na, that’s the first time I’ve ever called it that. Anyway hello!


Welcome to our world. It’s lovely here.

I’m also SzA.


Thank you! I’m still learning to navigate this cool world I’ve found myself in. I think this is a reply


It is :slight_smile:

You’ll get the hang of it. I’ve done a few silly things in here or post in the wrong place and the admins are really helpful and quick to fix it for you.

How long have you been diagnosed/noticing symptoms?



You retiling your floor?


No. This photo was taken at work. I’m tiling someone else’s floor. I finished the tiles but I have to grout it next week.


Very nice work, come do my floors :smiley:


That’s cool. The type of work you do.


youre a good tiler


Looks really good!!!


Thank you :joy::slight_smile: I enjoy it. For the most part. And try really hard.


Thank you :purple_heart::purple_heart:
I like doing different things every day. It’s always interesting. But also stressful sometimes :sweat_smile:


Thanks! That’s really kind to say. It just takes some patience. And lots of prep work!


Trying to be cool.




Looking good @Nova

Are you in the hospital in this pic??

Feel better!