Post a selfie new new new


When ever beautiful woman shows her beauty bunch of guys come to comment.By the way,you look 30.


Wow, you look so intense! Love it!


How many marriage offers did you turn down?


Muy Bonita (Very beautiful).

Take care. :v:


Lol I feel like the king’s daughter


Could it be possible?..


Gracias @Montezuma! :blush:


I’m 50. Feel a lot older


50 is not old! My mom is in her seventies and she still golfs regularly and bike rides and everything!


I think this is the first clean shaven picture I’ve posted lol

Edit: Ignore my messy hair please!


Thank you! No I’m not an Arab. My family background is South Asian.


Thank you! Well, yes the look is kinda new.


Welcome @TheCanuk!
Another Canadian!
(I’m not from Canada)


Thank you Wave!


You guys are so brave and strong to post selfies.
I don’t want to
It freaks me OUT


I will probably end up having mine deleted. I don’t want them to come up on a Google image search for schizophrenia lol.


Whatever makes you comfortable Butterfly, no worries if you don’t want to share a selfie.

No judging here! I hope you have a good night.


Thanks @TheCanuk
Wishing you a good night too.
And welcome to the site it’s always nice to have new members


Probably the more normal you look, the more likely you would be to post a selfie. I look fine though. But I would rather keep anonymity.


What does normal look like Liquid?