Post a selfie new new new


Thanks, I already had a phone interview and a 1-on-1 interview with a potential employer. Prospects are looking great and the likelihood of earning some income is positive.


I just figured out how to make the pictures in black and white on my phone. I’m glad I figured this out.


Lookin good Jassy. I love seeing all y’all peeps. :grinning:


Most pretty love your hear you can marry eazy


Love your pic u look weel


Were a shades eye were your eyes look mentally ask 4 a small reduction in dosage


Looking good @jassy22! :grinning:




sick! 7959765976597


I use kitty kat filter on snapchat


You’re really pretty


I think you’re handsome!!!


I could date someone looking good as u do


I was wondering if u were gonna post your pic!!. U remind me of my good friends good buddy. Thanks for sharing!!


I found a picture of me smiling with an uneven haircut because I went to a cheap place never again


Nice smile @bluerose!

Why don’t you make this photo your avatar @bluerose?


I like your new avatar @bluerose! :slightly_smiling_face:


Ha, you look like you’re 15.


Yeah the power of snap