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You have beautiful skin. Good to see you.



Thank you! Q5151515


Mah hair is growing back :heart:


Hooray for growing hair😎 mine to below my shoulders so I cut it again. Just shoulder length.



Yeah I clicked on it nothing happened.


Cute! :heart: :heart:


Does it work now?


Okay here I am once and for all!!!


My pic. Not too many ‘humorous’ comments please. oak


Did you really take that pic? It’s gorgeous. Where is the location? I would love to sit against the trunk of that tree with a picnic and a good book or film.


You’re a handsome dude.


Thank you @Butterflyy!!


What’s your ethnicity again @Gratitude?


You sir/miss are a tree.


Yes! The tree of knowledge of being and non-being


I didn’t take the pic, but it serves its purpose


I’m Caucasian. But I’m half Jewish, 1/4 Italian 1/8 Irish 1/8th middle eastern according to ancestry dna.



I just finished 5 months of training full-time in Microsoft Office, Adobe & Accounting applications at a technical institution and will soon be working full-time. This is my Linkedin photo to present myself to potential employers how I look.




Thanks for letting us know of your accomplishments, and I hope you find full-time employment in the near future.