Post a selfie new new new


i look greek ok


You do look like kurt russell


What the h*** are you anyway?



I’ve been told twice in my life that I resemble Kurt Russel…by my mother-in-law…and by a Nurse at the Hospital. I suppose I can see it a little bit.



I keep wondering the same thing but he won’t say. I don’t know why he’s obsessed with looking Latino.


He’s Irish.


My sister and I, pre-sz


I took a few, dunno which one to post. anyways, i’d like to slim down a bit, lower my bf% haven’t had much luck with low frequency/ high intensity training somewhat. I’m now doing low intensity, low frequency training. I am also well aware it’s 99% diet, 1% exercise

here’s a smile if you think the first pic is too srs

offtopic, but it’s my aniversity from when I joined. Look at the birthday cake next to my name


Happy cake day @Kormo


That’s unfortunate, I won’t pressure for details or anything so I hope things get better for you soon.
You and everyone else here can overcome your obstacles.


Happy cakeday @Kormo!


I see your Philippines shirt. Are you Filipino? Do you speak Tegalo?


spanish 76976978698


+1 for the low intensity training. thats the way to get started. the 99% diet, 1% exercise thing though i dont think is neccessarily true because exercise also curbs appitite. If you stay active you will be less hungry and eat less because of leptin and ghrelin, 2 horomones that determine hunger. That being said getting enough fiber, vitamins etc is very important. Id say its more like 50/50


It may have been cold today but it was also really sunny.
I got to use my new sunglasses.


Happy cake day @Kormo!!!


Cool shades @jassy22! :sunglasses:


U look cool nice


U look nice god bless