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Wow!. You’re a knockout @wanderingunicorn ! I’m 57 but I still have eyes.


@wanderingunicorn. I agree with you gray. Her eyes are striking.


I remember seeing a pic a guy with a sign that says, “Will work for beer.” At least he was honest.


me again


When i lived in Baltimore there was a guy who would stand at a particular intersection with a cardboard sign that read, “why lie? I need a beer.” I saw people give him money; I guess they appreciated his honesty.


I had the energy to do my eyeliner for the first time in forever today :slight_smile:


Looks good. What’s that style called? Cat eyes?



thank you, and yep! :slight_smile:


My nose always looks huge on my selfies, and my mouth ends up looking crooked :cry:


I think you look great! :smile: You’re too critical of yourself.


Thanks :slight_smile:


@nova. I think you’re pretty

Hello world!


me with my nose scars from my dog biting me


Looking good :smiley: I don’t like the blue done thing it won’t let me push it :open_mouth:


Oh sorry. It’s a screen shot of a pic my husband took of me


lol piano girl i swear you said you were like 16 once haha


I’m 41. Never said 16 :wink:


lol my bad :slight_smile: must have been someone else