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Looking sharp 161515151


Not sharp just me. Thank you


you got a sick camera man


Thank you it’s 5MP it’s a cheap phone



You are an old soul my man!!


my exgirlfriend used to call me pretty boy, was it a compliment or insult…?


If she was ur gf it was probably a joking. But kind of both lol.

If she was a stranger it depends too.


I was my natrul weight at the time, skinny really


I call my pet parrot “pretty boy” and it is a compliment.


really? wow it looks super sharp


So many beautiful and unique people here


You too @wanderingunicorn

Beautiful + unique!!


I enjoyed being real thin, but I do suppose it’s not a bad thing that I gained a bit. its mainly the stretch marks that came along with gaining so quick that I take issue with, bleh


Pretty boy is a compliment. It means you’re extremely good looking.


I have stretch marks all over my boobs after having kids. It’s natural. Try not to worry about it. And men don’t mind them either.


That is my kind of art. Confronting


Your eyes are amazing. :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Okayokay heres me.