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just stopping by this thread again to post another selfie, don’t mind lil ol me



You remind me of an Irish actor in this pic, I can’t remember his name at the moment. But I remember the actor was in the film “The Crying Game.”

Anyways, nice pic. :slight_smile: :v:



apologies for being such an attention hungry ■■■■■, I was just going through my pictures and I found a few good selfies of me from about half a year before I got sick. i was such a tiny lil thing back then, the damn antipsychotic weight gain hit me hard


You look beautifully pretty :smiley:
So you wear two blouses in this pic?


Aww, thank you :smiley:
yes, I’m wearing a green thing, and then over it I’m wearing a knitted cardigan.


Here’s a better view of the cardigan


i work on an art movie and that pic is an insperetion work. i like it…crazy stuff


Nice photo @Nova!
I like the butterfly buttons!


There’s no need to apologize you look great :wink:


Thanks! :smile:


Hey I think I’m losing my vision when I look at your picture. Hahahaha


You look spanish :joy::joy::joy:


I presume a lot of @Anna1 's problem here is anxiety, yes.



Me and trooper

Then just me


It’s good you gained weight. You look so thin in your bottom pic.


This is a really great pic of you


This is a good pic of you.


Thank you trying to remain optimistic