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My hair is still drying because I washed it this morning.


Look so Pretty and it looks like you are at work :open_mouth: get back to work!!! :joy::rofl:


Hahaha, make me!


Nice photo @OcelotKitty!


Looking healthy

What kind of work are you in?


Thank you, Wave!! :slight_smile:


I do customer service over the phone for a telecommunications company. :slight_smile:


Having a fairly decent day and got a haircut the other day so thought I’d post lol



Another one.


Looking good @OcelotKitty

I used to work for AT&T over the phone in financial services. First year I made a killing then everyone got a pay cut. I’m like screw this. QA’s can suck azz and customers were a bunch of diks.


Nice haircut! :smile:


I used to do that. I miss it.


I worked for Bell Atlantic which became Verizon which became Frontier. All landline companies.


Thank you! I really like your necklace in the most recent picture you posted.


Hugs to you, that support me here.

I will say it again - I want to recover a bit already… I am afraid of what I have in my mind and my body in the evenings like this. Its just a mess… Racing thoughts who jump from one another, pains in my body, gosh… I wonder how you all look quite well here. My illness didn’t have mercy on me, the meds either.


My shirt says:
Whisper words of wisdom
Let it be.


even here nobody likes a sad photo (of me)… They can put me in hospital for comments like this one lol… I wanted to talk to one ill friend on the phone. She had her problems, so I felt as ■■■■ after this. I also feel as a monster, because of my thoughts… Ok, I got that I am not pink either, but till when ill torment myself? The docs who follow me said, that they cant help me anymore. we tried every possible med, so its not an option. The only thing which stays is to take a klonopin now, yeah… for me, its a failure… so should I take a klonopin now like they used to give it to me in the hospital? Or should I suffer with this guilt now and stuff like this?


Yes. Why not take a Klonipin? I take it whenever I am beside myself with anxiety.


hell yes gina… But what do you think on my decision to suffer but feel on the way to recovery? Idk… I am a bit passive here while trying to ignore my suffering, but I am not sure its a good option :confused:
ok, ill open a thread of mine in case someone wants to talk to my stoned me now…