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da lie barry love you man!


Were they handing out free cocaine and Quaaludes there? You look a little high.


I dont think he looks high at all


@ThePoeticSkunk is used to my jokes. That joke won’t hurt him.


You look great @Qwerty!


I don’t do selfies. Here’s a pic of an off-lease PC I’m setting up this evening instead.

You’re welcome!



Boo! @MrSquirrel



Tell ya what, here’s a partial network selfie:

The systems that haven’t been active for a while are packed for the move. Running barebones here right now.



Squirrel do you advise leaving computers on 24/7?


Only if you have a reason to. I don’t like paying for power for no reason. We leave our computers on at work overnight because that’s when updates are applied to them. My only systems running 24/7 at home are the main automation, backup automation, and the audio processor/encoder system. We have a bunch of small units for our TV upstairs that are designed to be always on. They’re on a separate power bar so I can turn them off (Android TV box, Roku, Chromecast, Fire TV Stick, and Sumosys/Raspberry PI). Don’t need them sucking power when not in use.


What do u mean by off lease? Sorry nooba question?


Good to know. That is my policy too.


Large companies tend to lease computers in big batchs, say, 1000 at a time. When it comes time to update they return the used PCs to the leasing company (3-4 years old at this point). They are now off-lease. These units have about 50% of their life left (at least) but sell for about 10% of their original value, which is a good deal.

The system in the pic is a Dell Optiplex 790 with Core i5, 16 GB of RAM, 250 GB SSD drive, and Win10 Pro. It cost me about $125 USD shipped including the FullHD Dell professional grade monitor (also off-lease), but not the keyboard/mouse.


;Do I look Hispanic?


OMG :open_mouth: you !!!


Yes. Are you looking for a date? See the bottom of your pic on the right hand side.


yes but I have no self condence


You’ll be fine. You’re a good looking dude, nice and intelligent. Maybe go out to the coffee shops.


thank you for your reply and kind words


Lol @77nick77 gosh you’re right. I look high as a kite. Haha.