Post a selfie new new new


I get you. I do like that shirt and tie combo though




At least you’re honest about it, i dislike people who do the whole “Im ugly give me likes” thing.

If anything I think it’s better to just say it outright lol. Honesty best policy


I had this idea in my head that you were maybe a big buff cool guy with like a leather jacket and a motorbike hahaha


lol i wish i were a preacher though. started doing bible study with a guy named norman from my nami group.


Oh no way man I’ve never actually met another Kevon before that’s sick! God bless you and you family brother


thanks u2!!!



Me in black at nationals


The one with headphones in ^





“Dental plan!” “Lisa needs braces”


LMAO. what gave you that impression?
I guess I come off as dudely through text.
Must be all the dad jokes and puns.
Illusion +50 points haha.




Cool selfie !!

You looked so different to how i imagined !! :slight_smile:


thanks mate 1212


Me celebrating new year 2019


Cool pic Spookster !!!


Thanks walla…:sunglasses: