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Looking good dude


2019 selfie :slight_smile:


I know you are not trying to pick her up but if you tried to use that as a line in a bar you would get shot down about 99% of the time.


Your smile reminds me of Reese Witherspoon.




Nice pic. @Sarad has new competition.





I uploaded a new profile pic :smiley:


A selfie :smiley:


,??? 67755788


First selfie of 2019. Sitting on my porch listening to music. Excuse the look of terror on my face, I’ve beenhaving the ptsd symptoms really badly the past few days.


Hope you’re feeling better my brother may God bless you


me for new years service at church. my pastor said im after his job lol. No i just want to support him or start my own work.ill be honest here for the likes. i haven’t been dressing up before so yeah a little prideful.


I love your honesty :slight_smile:


thanks. my lil bro name is kevon. and im kevin jr


Looking smart buddy


you dont want to see me now in my ppj’s with crust and all in my eyes and drolling.