Post a selfie new new new


Nice combo!
I’m half Italian too @LouiseG.


Happy new years xx
I love all of you beautiful kind people.


@Catch22 soooo beautiful


Awhh thank you!



Old Picture of me :slight_smile:


All you guys look so amazing!



Nice photo @jassy22!


@way12go. I deleted the one photo you posted that looked like some kind of official ID with personal information like your name, etc. It’s important to protect your personal information and not post it on the internet.


Okay. Thanks. Next time, I will not post it.


Cool I’m Italian, Irish, Jewish and middle eastern

According to ancestry dna


Here’s my first selfie of 2019


@Gratitude, do you mean 2019?


Could’ve swore I wrote 2019 lol


Everybody’s cutting down they’re beards.
I thought I was alone


Wow what a nice smile @Daze



I’ve got nice teeth

but rarely give a toothy smile

it’s the poet in me I guess.


you look beautiful :heart_eyes:


I feel like the same 11 people “like” just about every selfie I put up.

Rarely more, rarely less.

But it’s a new me

Instead of saying “how come other people have 30 likes and I have the same eleven people every time”

Now I say “I am grateful for the support from these 11 people who gave me likes :blush:

I’d rather have 11 strong supporters than 30 more artificial ones. Feel me?? Lmao.



my hair started thinning and receding when I was 21. here I am at 34 and just happy to have some up there.