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Yep. I’m part Native American. I took a few pics and still couldn’t get more than half my face. Thanks a bunch!!!


I think @LouiseG looks maybe Italian or Middle Eastern. Maybe African American and white. I’m interested in these things. Now I want to know. :smiley:

Now that I think of it she does look Hispanic too.


Look dad. No beard! I feel naked :blush:


Looking good man! Did you have a temporary mervHughes moustache whilst trimming?


haha… @Jimbob it was a mission. Had a cracker of a mo and thought about leaving it. I did look like a 70’s porn star but decided a new look was on the cards! Took three razors, a set of electric clippers and about half an hour to get rid of that beard!


looking good @freddiefreaker

welcome to the forum :slight_smile: x


thank ya, dude! :slight_smile:


Wow you’re really pretty. If I wasn’t so ugly I’d probably try to chat you up :sob::joy::joy::joy:


i shaved as well, my nephew got me a razor lol,

i’ve also been wearing my glasses as well


You look good @rogueone.


haha, why thank you! I’m sure you look fine :slight_smile:



the, the the the beard! its. its gone :open_mouth: hahah looking sharp man all you need is a suit


just gonna drop one more on y’all cuz I thrive off attention :^)



You’re very pretty!! Welcome here :slightly_smiling_face:


cool pictures! 84756193487


@KevonThePoet thanks


thank you very much, much appreciated :slight_smile:


Italian and Irish. :slight_smile:
@Gratitude @Loke