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Post a selfie mark 2


U look pretty @turtle and @antidepressant044 … keep up ur charm …!!! Take care .!!!


Thank you @far_cry0 That’s a lovely compliment


i always look moody in selfies


But your hair is always amazing :heart_eyes_cat:


When will this thread DIE?!?! Either someone start a new one or something and end it all together. I’m tired of scrolling down.


The last one got to 2k pal!


Here’s me and my hair.

Lookin healthy!!


huh? this makes no sense :laughing:


People view the board on different systems!



I know but is anyone forced to enter a thread they don’t want…



Looking good @tukey

Good luck with your diet !


My face from today :nerd_face::grimacing:

That is Chuck Mangione in the background :+1:t2::trumpet:


I notice a weird paradox in myself. When I see a selfie of myself that I took very recently, I look fine. Then a few months later I look at the same selfie from those months back and BOOM - I look ill. Maybe it’s cuz we make progress?


I’m a badasss. I come with self instructions and a bottle of vodka. Also a proud shitholer.


Looking beautiful as always…
@Sarad …!!!


The many sides of @Sarad.

So if we went out on a date I wouldn’t have to open the car door for you? Whew, what a relief.
Used to drink vodka straight in sixth grade at my friends house.



Have you ever tried to enter the world of Modeling? You sure are a natural!

I suggest you look into it. You’re young and fresh-faced. There’s also very good money to be had in that industry.


i am not mentally stable, i have episodes of major depression, episodes of hypomania, tracks of ocd, anxiety, and benzos ruined my memory.
Simply saying, I’m a nice looking corpse.
But tnx for suggestion though. :grinning:


There’s not much else that I hate more than ‘gentleman’s’ act of kindness. Ditch the dinner too, I’m anti-romantic.