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@Sarad. You’re clearly a very intelligent woman and should try to give yourself credit for accomplishments such as getting your graduate degree. The fact that you suffer from mental illness doesn’t negate any of these accomplishments; in fact, it makes them even more remarkable.

Maybe consider trying @goldenrex’s approach of doing daily positive affirmations to try to gradually shift your thinking to a more positive self-assessment.


I was just kidding boi.

@Moonbeam i’m trying to,but some days it’s out of my power. :woman_shrugging:


So was I. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I took a “fake it until you make it” approach to self esteem and it worked,

After a long time, of course.

It didn’t matter that people told me I was pretty, I felt worthless.

Even when I did feel attractive, I still felt like a hideous thing inside was just waiting to resurface.

So, I stopped with the self deprecating jokes, and started telling myself wonderful and specific compliments in the mirror. About my appearance, intellect and ability.

Now I have self esteem that far exceeds what my looks should allow…


Its still a struggle, but being a woman just always is.

Not trying to lecture you,

Just sharing my experience.


I could get on board with that.


Throwback from 2013 : |


You look like you could be a model in this picture.


True :slight_smile: 151515151515151515


Why did you have one sleeve all the way up and one sleeve all the way down? Inquiring minds want to know.






U look good when u smile spiderpig sis…??


Looks like the judgement free zone.

I work out at PF too


Working on a longer beard…


I love your beard! :slight_smile:


Look like a scientist …!!! Dave u rock…!!! What are u doing…


Hey man, not much. Waiting for dinner at my moms place. And u?


Hey my good friend i am also waiting for dinner…i cooked veggie for a dinner with the help of my mum… hope u are doing fine man… lot of blessing to u for good health from Nepal …keep struggling…take care…





You look nice man! @anon20318121