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Post a selfie mark 2


We probably need to create a new selfie thread or the computer is going to explode! lol


Me on my Throne at my Battle-station!


Looking good! 15151515151515


Thank you, Tomasina! :smile:


Me before going out on New Year’s Eve


U lool pretty Berru… haha take care…i like ur smile…


I’m normally too shy for this but I just got a new phone and I am having., in my opinion, a fabulous hair day. So lets go crazy!



Its great to see your beautiful face!!


You look wonderful @turtle!


Thank you @goldenrex and @Wave I’m very flattered! :blush:


Nice to meet you @turtle !!! :heartpulse:


Why thank you Karen!


@turtle @Berru You two have a similar look—almost like you could be sisters. :slightly_smiling_face:


What a pretty girl! Nice to see you.


You do look nice! It makes me happy to see you.


Thanks crimby! It makes me happy to read that!


Y’all look great. :blush: Here’s my messy-haired self:


Cute pic and, yes, your hair looks very nice today, @turtle! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you! The gravity of my workload is forcing the curl to drop :weary:


You’ll be ok, just don’t take any ■■■■ today! :wink:

You’re a hardass, you got this! :slightly_smiling_face: