Post a selfie mark 2


Another one being goofy.


Jeepers. Wow. Nice pic.@Persia.


What dog is that a shitzoo


They’re schnauzers,

Kinda look like yorkies!


one more lol


My God, you look like a young Gary Oldman!


To borrow one from @77nick77 - your eyes stand out in this one


Cool. Good luck there.

Here’s a little tip from experience. Try not to bother your neighbors. Start off on the right foot and if you see them be polite and friendly and just say "hi’. This sounds obvious and like common sense but nothing makes a living situation more miserable than getting into weird feuds with the people you might have to see outside every day. Even if they don’t like them or they don’t like you, you still want to be on as good of terms as you can.

By the way, living on your own can be hard, but man, it can be great too!

Get a cat to keep you company?


Lovely, Persia.


Truly nuts. Makeup-free selfie in my new pajamas. LOL



You have a great smile. You look like you love to laugh! :slight_smile:


Thank you PatrickT! Quite often the only one laughing. I crack myself up though! :slight_smile:


i like the PJ’s…

You could hide out in a Vineyard and nobody would ever find you! :wink:


there is a new camera setting on my motorola that manipulates the photos into younger looking photos.



Hello my pretties, does blonde hair suit me?


@far_cry0 What do you think handsome :stuck_out_tongue:


Is that the same person in the two photos, lol?


"Hey Wyatt, got you in a little crossfire. Howdya like that!?


Hey cat, she’s lying.


Wow. You’re hot. :relaxed: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: