Post a selfie mark 2


It’s interesting how so many of you look like your personalities. It’s great!



I’m on 2mg of Risperidone.


Thank you @crimby! I was blessed with good genes apparently. It’s like my aging slowed down in my 20’s and 30’s…now I’m in the other bracket. :hushed:


This is me with red hair. I think I’m going to dye it back to red. I never realized how much blondes were stereotyped until I went red. The attention I got as a redhead was COMPLETELY different than I get as a blonde. I almost look like 2 different people when you compare them. Which fits me better?

**** RED ****


**** BLONDE ***


Happy new year everyone :slight_smile:


You’re so pretty @Spiderpig. You have gorgeous eyes! I’m envious… :heart_eyes:


I used to be pretty hope i’ll still be after this.


@persia thanks love, welcome to the forum :kissing_heart:


Hey @persia looking good! Nice to meet you.

I have never been completely blonde yet. I have always been a brunette. I tried copper a few times but it came out dark red/brown so I switched back to cinnamon brown. I feel more like myself with brown hair.

I only did platinum blonde highlights for like 4 month period, I did not notice any different type of attention I guess.
You are beautiful both ways.


Thank you very much @mermaid1. It’s fun to change your hair from time to time isn’t? Trust me, you aren’t missing out on the difference in attention a blonde gets…as it’s not necessarily in the flattering way. I think the reason they say a blonde gets more attention is because she is stereotyped as being “easy” and lacking intelligence…which is so far from the truth in my case. Once I went red the attention I got was more respectful and I attracted better quality men.

I am naturally blonde but went red when I was 37 for a few years, then went back blonde when I turned 40. My mom is a redhead so the red looks very natural on me since I have her skin. Plus it brings out the blue in my eyes. I have dark stone greyish-blue eyes. When I’m blonde they just look dark grey…very boring in my opinion. :confused:


I’ve been selfie deprived the last month. I only took one all month it was this.

And then I just took this and wow

Does my facial structure in this pic not resemble @mermaid1’s?? Like my nose and eyes look a lot like hers. Maybe I’m hallucinating but I feel we look kinda alike which is good news for me :rofl::wink:. If you photoshopped a beard onto her and stuff…

Ok peace :v:


You look hot! :slight_smile:


damn haha thank you @Spiderpig!! Happy new years :slight_smile:


:sweat_smile::rofl: you look great @Gratitude
Happy New Year!!!


Hanging out with my little homies, as usual.



New Year
Same me


Same Angelina Jolie


@goldenrex what is ur dogs breeds…?? Is it yorkie…!!!