Post a selfie mark 2


Now I have a good Russian look :smile:


Me again


Gorrister was a male Imperial commander in the service of the Galactic Empire during the year 1 BBY.


Some Stars Wars universe canon. George Lucas never intended to film a post trilogy after the first 6. Now the Star Wars universe is confusing.


He never intended to make more than one film lmao

The first film was just called Star Wars. There was no episodes or anything. His previous work wasn’t anything spectacular or anything either that would lead one to believe that he could pull off a huge trilogy, let alone 3. But yeah things change and he made an accidental master piece.


When I was a young man, I read a review of Star Wars that said it was, “our favorite plot: Good against Evil, Good wins.” Would you comment on that review in light of the directions the later films took?


I have a question. Is Year 1 BBY the year OF the battle of Yavin, or the Year After the battle of Yavin?


I dunno.



The way I’ve heard George Lucas speak, and the way I think people see the Light Side vs the Dark Side. I would say that is an accurate review.

George Lucas takes what I think people consider now (at least) what to be good and evil and just replace the labels with bright and dark. Just that he took some nice things about being bad and put it in there somewhere. The evil parts about being good didn’t come until the prequels I think.




Bow wow wow ipiya ipeyo where my dogs out… u have a good shape arturo… do u hit gym every day …


@anon1571434 You’re quite cut and during the winter season too. I couldn’t get a BF% at the same rate as yours because of my genes.


@far_cry0 Not every day but close to it.

@shenzhixian I am only this cut because the diet class I took required exercise during class. There was a lot of running involved. It was actually not my intention to be this cut right now.


@anon1571434 I remember a previous conversation we had about Helmut Strebl and his shredded video. Damn it dude! You’re gonna get close to that 4% BF look and it’s not even Summer.


I was lower bf% than this before my car broke.


This is where I was a couple weeks ago.


@anon1571434 Part of your deltoid muscles are showing as well as some veins. Better than me. I’ll say. New Year’s resolution fanatics will be packing your gym so wait until they drop like flies 2 weeks into January.


I haven’t checked in for a while, lol.


I’m enjoying homemade cold-brew coffee with cream and sugar :two_hearts: