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Post a selfie mark 2


Nice photo @leaf!
You look Awesome!


what a beautiful picture! :heart:


thank you, I got all my hair cut off. I like it, I can put some curls in it now.


Yum! Is that wasabi that you have with it? I love wasabi with sushi but it burns sooo much


Yes it is, but I really don’t like it with my sushi :sushi:


Okay trying this again. Feeling a little careless right now so I can just throw this up there. I just got a haircut.


Nice haircut @Coldcomfort!


Thanks! You’re all looking great.


I have nice teeth, but I don’t open my mouth for anyone to see them.

The dentist says I have a small mouth.




Are you guys tired of seeing me? :joy:
I’m at the nursing and rehab facility visiting my grandma.


Not at all. I like your clothing style. :heartpulse:


Thank you very much :two_hearts:


Traditional Chinese


Hey it’s been awhile! how have you been?


I’ve been alright. Still working out @Arturo?


Sure am buddy. Got into school as well and now I have all my books to prepare for the personal training test. Hopefully by next fall I will have a good job.


School, lots of women to meet at school. I hope your plan comes into fruition.


Hello again.


What are u upto my friend qwerty …u look pretty in that overcoat …!!! I Like ur pics.