😂 Post a selfie cinci (five)


Here’s another from today with my 15 year old nephew. I do devil horns in most pics…I just think Ronnie Dio’s grandma or whatever was such a good story! Silly but had a nice lunch out with close family. One brother couldn’t come because he was working :frowning:


That’s a Great beard @rogueone!


@1983Dave . Thanks mate. Keeps the sun off during summer cricket and just all around makes you a bad ass! Your not doing too bad yourself!!! :slight_smile:


Cool beard @rogueone!!


You look good toghter


Thank you @Crocodal


haven’t posted a pic in a while


Where’s the beard man?


Looking good chew! Honestly you look really healthy. Have been doing your hiking a lot?


Yeah almost every day man!!


You look really good man!


Thank you sir !!! :smile:


Great beard, my father had his beard like that …


Please don’t judge me for being an ordinary latino, now let’s eat some burritos with guacamole, olé!!



Your beard. :+1: :+1:


You look like you’re mixed with some Asian or Latina. You probably hear that all the time


You’re a very pretty girl


That’s a nice beard.


My moms from Panama and my dads Mexican and African American your right I am Afro Latina! And I do get asked if I am part Asian a lot! How have you been??