Post a selfie #23

My 4am selfie. Been a minute.


Making it count and getting older :sob: losing hair big time








Your frog earrings are nice. I have some dangorees like this too they are brill. I can’t fit into em atm thou.


PM me those digits?

I can get a phone card!


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One is from 4 years ago one is from today you can guess which one. I thought I could stay young forever


Haha. I’m not really into that stuff :blossom::blossom::blossom:

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Oh I was just kidding!

Sorry ma’am.

I’ll shut up and go watch some Joe Bob.


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Sorry I don’t find it funny. But I like you all the same :relieved:

Not possible to know what everyone finds funny and what they don’t :blossom::blossom::blossom:

You dont look much different but the clean shaving and photography makes a difference.

I can’t tell what colour your eyes are they kind of look very dark grey.

Hey sorry @monte I think I may have misunderstood…

I thought you were joking I was a call girl or something like that?

Cos that makes me feel uncomfortable cos I’d really hate it and it’s not who I could ever be and I just don’t find jokes around that involving me, funny that’s all, …not that you would have known that so don’t worry… :slight_smile:

Anyway, I hope I didn’t upset you.

You’re always the number 1 beetle around this forum neighbourhood :heart:

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OH NO ma’am!

I was just joking about acquiring your phone number.

That’s what we say in America, “Can I have your digits?” It basically means the same as “may I have your number?”

Thus the mention of a calling card, because to make international calls in the US you sometimes need a card that can access and pay for the foreign phone number.

Gosh, I’m so sorry.

I just want you to know though even if you were a call girl I would still respect you as a friend, nonetheless, but that’s not what my joke was about.

Take care ma’am!



Yea I got no problem with ppl being call girls either

Just I would hate to be one and it makes me uncomfortable if ppl joke about it and think I would think it’s funny.

But ppl don’t know this, anyway it’s not really a huge deal, at all.

But I see what you mean now.

Take care, you too beetle buddy.


And my digits did you say?

Well, imagine we all met up that would be cool

But I’d probably struggle with social anxiety looool. In particular, anticipating the meet up with y’all. Would probably drive me into a melt down. :joy:

As much as I’d love to.

Anyway it’s against the rules.

And I know you’re kidding :wink:

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