Post a Selfie #17

Time for a new selfie thread. No nudie pics! This means you, @Montezuma !


No photo description available.


Du’oh!! :flushed:

Fine! I’ll take my sexiness to another site.



Third reply!!!



@san_pedro - You’ve posted that same selfie a million times… stop trolling.


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@san_pedro - I’m sorry that you can’t afford a phone, but its annoying seeing you post the exact same selfie over and over again. I consider it trolling…

we all ave different opinions in tis site

understandin is key

i found my pic a selfie plus my best one

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Your a humble and patient man, blessing bro!

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@san_pedro - Once i save up enough money, I’ll send you some so you can buy a phone and a new keyboard. You’ll be able to take new selfies and use the letters H and G. Yay!!

we reap wat we sow sometimes @ThePoet karma can be real imo

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my cell pone died in 2010 rip cell pone


Bruh got more ice than the Arctic :snowflake::snowflake::snowflake:

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so @TheCanuk insulted me and my post was wron

a well

@Nimbus, hey

No I wasn’t insulted at all and I do not have problems with models. It just doesn’t suit me.

They’d be having to take 50 photos b4 there’s a good one.

Plus my body is not model standard

Yes I agree singing is good 4 self expression

I just don’t feel comfortable sharing my singing unless I’m okay thou like sort of good cos otherwise ppl gotta listen to something really unpleasant.

Everyone should share their out of tune singing if it makes them feel good, that’s something to share in delight, however it makes me feel not good to share me singing out of tune, idk I got complex about it.

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Hey Monte. Hope you didn’t take my intro to this thread the wrong way. I was just looking for someone to Razz. Insinuating that you were likely to get naked and post pics cause your just a wild and crazy guy :smiley:.


Hey @Nimbus

I do wish they normalised slighlty heavier women too though cos these girls are even below healthy BMI range. It can make many teenagers feel like they need to torture themselves to look ‘their best’ like eating 3 carrots 4 Brkfast. Etc which is OK but if it tortures them n they thn develop all sorts of eating disorders, it’s not good. :confused:

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It’s all good brother bear!

I was just being silly, too. And I am a wild man!


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I wish you could see how we perceive you (as a very pretty lady).

If I lived in England I would so take you out and we could stuff our faces with cheeseburgers.