Post a Selfie #16

Your eyes look really nice here

Reminds me just a tiny bit of my sisters eyes, the colour

And I like your unique style it’s cool

Last week. :hugs:


Lol fuzzy sweater :bear: I used to have a sweater like that, they’re so warm

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Yea and so comfy. Too.

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O.g. sadasiva 64747

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Hot :fire: :hot_face: :pancakes: :hotsprings: :coffee: :bath: :fire:

Maybe you should model or something.

Looks like what I see out of the corner of my eye most days…not today though

Well, at least cataracts can be removed easily :smile:

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It’s not a meaningful and authentic enough job for me.

But thankyou for the suggestion.

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I wish I could sing tbh
… That would be fun. Can you sing?

Sometimes I think I can. But then I listen to the recording and realise I can’t

I will practice thou I’m certainly not a natural thou. Probably I can’t :pensive::zzz::zzz::zzz:

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I remember seeing a schizophrenic on American Idol. She was talking about what her voices were saying and they were basically laughing with her.


Aw that’s cool they were laughing with her not at her.

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It was actually a combo of laughing with and at kind of thing.

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Aw thats a shame wasnt meant as in insult i think models are pretty amazing gifted people.

I can sing out of tune and all besides. Its a nice thing to do for selfvexpression if nothing else.

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I wasnt suggesting a job change. I used to be a cleaner so i know how it feels. But the perks too when your in recovrry from trauma. Just modeling can be a fun thing to get into i think.

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